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Concerned about mold? Would you like an independent, unbiased Inspector? Mold inspections are not easy. We can help by using state-of-the-art equipment & inspection techniques to identify your mold problems.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the quality of the air we make contact with and breathe inside of buildings. A focus of building sciences is to design and engineer buildings that provide a comfortable and healthy environment for their occupants.

ATP Cleaning Verification and Monitoring Systems offer rapid evaluation of biological contamination on surfaces after cleaning/sanitization/sanitation efforts are completed to gauge the effectiveness of the remedial work. Have doubts? Call us!

Have you experience water damage from a contaminated water source such as a hurricane, flood, or sewage back-up/overflow? Have you had a leak with pooling water that was not caught for a substantial amount of time?

Is your loan underwriter requesting a water test as part of their underwriting process? FSG Inspections performs FHA/VA water testing for home loans. Call us today to book your appointment!

Protect your home or business against water damage, minimize costly water bills from leaks, and prevent possible mold problems. Our leak detection technicians can perform a thorough investigation of your space.

Preventing Mold Growth: Effective Strategies for Homeowners

The growth of mold presents a major problem for homeowners, as it not only endangers their health but also puts their property at risk. The harmful consequences of mold, including respiratory issues and structural damage, make prevention a top priority. By teaming up with a reliable mold inspection and testing company, homeowners can receive expert advice and specialized services to detect possible mold risks and create thorough prevention strategies. Understanding the Causes of Mold Growth Moisture: The Primary Catalyst One of the main factors contributing to mold growth is moisture. Homeowners can take proactive steps to prevent mold from thriving…

The Top Five Signs of Mold Infestation: Why Professional Inspection and Assessment Are Crucial

A silent invader could be thriving without your knowledge in the unseen corners of your living space. This intruder is none other than mold – a seemingly harmless term that can transform your idyllic haven into a health hazard. With a stealthy nature and resilience to withstand various conditions, mold infestations are far from a trivial issue. When left unchecked, it can compromise your home’s structural integrity and jeopardize its occupant’s health. What is Mold? Before diving into the signs of mold infestation, it’s essential to understand what mold is. Mold is a fungus that thrives in warm, damp environments…

Life in Central Florida: Protecting Your Home from Mold and Other Indoor Pollutants

Living in Central Florida offers numerous delights, such as ample sunshine, a relaxed way of life, and stunning natural scenery. Nevertheless, the area’s hot and humid climate presents distinct hurdles, particularly when it comes to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The combination of high temperatures and humidity can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, posing risks to both the structural integrity of homes and the well-being of residents. It is crucial for homeowners in Central Florida to implement effective ventilation systems, regular moisture control measures, and routine inspections to prevent the growth and spread of mold. Understanding the…

The Evolution of Indoor Air Quality Investigations: FSG Inspections Leading the Way in Central Florida

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) for both homeowners and businesses. The air we breathe indoors can have a profound effect on our overall health and well-being. Poor IAQ can lead to a range of health issues, including respiratory problems, allergies, and fatigue. To address this concern, individuals and organizations are investing in measures such as proper ventilation, air purification systems, and regular IAQ assessments to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. By prioritizing IAQ, we can create spaces that promote optimal health and enhance our quality of…

Understanding the Importance of Mold Inspection for Healthy Living: FSG Inspection's Commitment

In every home, there lies a potential for unseen enemies to dwell. Among these is mold, a silent invader that compromises the aesthetics of your living space and poses significant threats to your health and well-being. From discoloration of walls to musty odors, mold silently spreads its destructive presence. Don’t let this insidious foe go unnoticed, take proactive steps to safeguard your home and loved ones. Partnering with a trusted mold inspection and testing company can help you identify hidden mold risks and develop effective strategies to combat its growth. The Invisible Threat of Mold Mold, a type of fungi,…

Quality Mold Inspections for Home or Business

The thought of mold in your home or business isn’t just unappealing. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it can also cause significant health problems, particularly among vulnerable groups such as children with asthma or adults with existing lung conditions. If you're moving into a property, or have been living in one for a while and noticed dampness, leaks, or past water damage, it is always worth having a mold inspection and assessment performed in order to understand what sort of issues you're facing. We are an established provider of high caliber, thorough mold assessment and other indoor air quality testing, serving homes and businesses in and around Orlando.

Mold Inspection
Specialty Inspection Equipment

Mold Inspections Using a Variety of Sophisticated Specialty Inspection Equipment

Mold thrives in damp conditions. In addition to a visual inspection, when we visit your property for a mold assessment we carry out thermal imaging, moisture detection with a moisture meter, and humidity identification with a hygrometer. We also may perform mold sampling with a bio-pump and particle counts with a laser particle counter. The visual mold inspection of the property, along with our sophisticated specialty inspection equipment and sampling give us the pieces of information that allow us to put the puzzle together so we can present our findings and, if necessary, produce a remediation plan that will bring your property back to how it was before your problem(s) started.
Air Quality Testing

Unbiased Air Quality Testing

We are committed to providing all of our customers with the high grade, accurate, and unbiased air quality testing they need. Because we don't undertake mold remediation, HVAC work, reconstruction, or other or air quality improvement work, we have no vested interest in making things appear worse than what they actually are. We just provide the impartial information you need to make the right decisions for you and your family's well-being. To find out more about what we can offer, call us at (407) 721-0594.