If you are a committed professional that is passionate about quality, customer service, and are comfortable working in a challenging environment, we would like to hear from you!

Explore this page to learn more about opportunities with FSG Inspections. FSG Inspections is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization.

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To provide home owners and businesses professionally performed inspections by friendly staff and contractors and quality reports that provided good information at a fair price.


FSG Inspections Vision is to be the leader in real estate related inspection services in the state of Florida.


Core Values


Maintains high legal and ethical standards; takes clear ethical stands; keeps promises; immediately addresses untrustworthy or dishonest behavior; resists pressure in decision-making from internal and external sources; does not abuse power or authority.


Demonstrates commitment to FSG Inspections mission; demonstrates the values of FSG Inspections in daily activities and behaviors; seeks out new challenges, assignments, and responsibilities.


Cares about the company’s customers and the general public while performing their job function; treats all people with dignity and respect; shows respect and sensitivity towards gender, cultural and religious differences. Teamwork Works together with internal and external partnerships to be efficient and provide the best work product available in the market.


Works together with internal and external partnerships to be efficient and provide the best work product available in the market.



Core Competencies


Speaks fluently; expresses opinions, information and key points of an issue clearly; presents information with skill and confidence; responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback; presents information in a well-structured and logical way.

Working with People

Shows respect for the views and contributions of other team members; shows empathy; listens, supports, and cares for others; consults others and shares information and expertise with them; builds team spirit and reconciles conflict; adapts to the team and fits in well.

Drive for Results

Sets high standards for quality of work; monitors and maintains quality of work; works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; consistently achieves goals; focuses on the needs and satisfaction of internal and external partners; accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm.




FSG Inspections is committed to establishing and maintaining a productive work environment based on inclusion, equality, team building, and the efficient use of employees’ experiences, perspectives, and talents. The following is an overview of some important policies:

Diversity Management

FSG Inspections reaffirms the importance of attracting, developing, and retaining diverse workforce talent who possess a thorough understanding of other societies, cultures, and languages. We are committed to implementing diversity as a powerful tool to build a workforce equipped to deal with current business challenges.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

FSG Inspections provides equal employment opportunity regardless of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, and/or sexual orientation.

Workplace Harassment

FSG Inspections Employees are guaranteed the right to work in an environment free from unlawful workplace harassment and retaliation. Reported incidents shall be investigated and resolved promptly.

Drug-free Workplace

FSG Inspections is firmly committed to a drug-free work place. Therefore, the unlawful use of drugs by FSG Inspections employees and contractors is not tolerated. Furthermore, applicants for employment with FSG Inspections who currently use illegal drugs will be found unsuitable for employment.



Career FAQ's

What does FSG Inspections do?

FSG Inspections performs Mold Inspections, Insurance Inspections, Leak Detection, and Thermal Imaging.

Who works for FSG Inspections?

Our workforce includes office staff, professional licensed staff, contract inspectors, and interns.

How do I apply for employment at FSG Inspections?

Individuals interested in employment at FSG Inspections should fill out an online application to start the process.

Does FSG Inspections offer internships to college students?

Yes, we offer paid and non-paid internships!